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Why Camp Champions?

Let us show you…

Meet some of our favorite camp people!

Here are some friendly faces from our camp family…hopefully some of them will be back to join you in your summer jobs in 2023!

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Ryan Marsh

Ryan graduated from Ball State University in May of 2021 with a B.S. in Marketing. At camp you can find him playing Disc Golf or fishing with the Letterman!

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Kirsten Gilroy

Kirsten graduated from Kansas University in May 2021. She loves Taylor Swift and all things Jayhawks!

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Austin Crawford

Austin graduated from USC in May of 2022 with a degree in Choral Music. He loves spending time in rookie village with campers and counselors alike!

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Georgia Winslette

Georgia is a junior at Rhodes College studying Business and Psychology. Ask her about her hot take on soup, opinion on the hamster wheel, or hatred of zebra mussels!

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Elliot Mayers

Elliot is graduating from the University of Tampa in May 2023 with a BA in Psychology. At camp you can find him hanging with the Senior Campers or playing Pickleball!

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Shelby Waltrip

Shelby is currently a sophomore at Ferrum College in Virginia where she studies Secondary History Education. She also plays on the school’s volleyball team!

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Zachary Garcia

Zachary will be returning in 2023 for his second summer as Media Head! He loves nothing more than capturing pictures and videos of all the incredible memories being made at camp.

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Katherine DeBerry

Katherine is currently a junior at UT Austin where she studies History and English. When not at camp or school, Katherine enjoys reading, yoga, walking at her local lake, and traveling.

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Tanner Ellsworth

Tanner is currently a junior at Trinity University where he studies Mathematical Finance and Teaching. He enjoys playing spikeball with friends and being bad at skateboarding!

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Brooke Allen

Brooke recently graduated from West Point, where she was captain of the Army lacrosse team, and is currently working towards her masters at USC. She loves the outdoors, is a sparkling water connoisseur, and is always looking for ramen recommendations.

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Jonathan Adams

Jonathan is currently a sophomore at SMU. He’s looking forward to returning as the Aquanaut Division Leader and bringing his podcast, Hot Takes with Jonathan Sir, back to Treat Time!

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Marie Monroe

Marie graduated from Texas State University in December 2021 with a degree in Human Development and Family Science. She can’t wait for sunny days spent with her campers on the Midi Deck!

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Jack Gibson

Though he has experience at other summer camps, this will be Jack Sir’s first as a part of the Champions family! Hailing from across the pond, Jack is excited to bring his own twist to the sports department as this year’s Sports DH!

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Rylie Young

A seasoned summer camp veteran, Rylie will be bringing her camping expertise to Champions as this summer’s Outdoors Department Head! She is excited to see why Champions is one of the best camps in the biz!

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Noah Dexter

After a brief hiatus between 2018 and 2022, Noah returned to us last year as a counselor. This year, he will join leadership as part of our Operations Team!

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Sofia Pellegrini

Returning for her second summer at camp, Sofia is currently a junior at Rice University. She is looking forward to being the new Fine Arts Department Head and tearing up the dance floor with the Little Leaguers!

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Ezrah Walker

Ezrah is currently a sophomore at Texas State University. He is excited to return to camp for his 7th summer and be apart of his favorite deparment at camp, Outdoors!

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Alice Coulter

Coming back all the way from Ireland, Alice will be a part of our Operations Team this summer and cannot wait to see all of her friends from summer ’22!

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Calvin Davey

Calvin Sir will be coming back to us for his second summer as a champions counselor! He can’t wait to spend his days fishing with his Letterman on Lake LBJ.

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Poppy Crawford

Coming all the way from the United Kingdom, Poppy will be returning for her 3rd year as a counselor! She can not wait to drive her kiddos around the lake on water toys!

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Kieran Heffey

Returning for his second year at camp, Kieran could not be more excited to came from across the pond back to texas! He is looking forward to teaching more campers about his favorite pastime, cricket!

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Trinity Sutherland

Trinity is currently a sophomore at Texas State University. She is excited to make a return to the waterfront for her second year on staff!

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Luke Allen

Having been at camp for nearly a decade, Luke is excited to make his return as a counselor. Legend has it he has the record for longest drive on our Disc Golf course!

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Bethany Harkrider

Bethany will be a freshman Texas A&M in fall of 2023. While this will be her 12th summer at camp, it will be her first on staff!

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Taylor Bazarsky

After being a camper for ten summers, Taylor is ecstatic to come back for his first summer as a staff member! He is an expert on working with our youngest group, the Little Leaguers!

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Elena Nye-Lederhose

Hailing to us all the way from Australia, Elena will be returning for her second year as a counselor. She can’t wait to beat more of her campers racing down the waterslides!

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Sam Mayers

Sam is currently a freshman at the University of Oregon. He’s looking forward to returning for his fouteenth summer at camp, where he will be making his debut in the Sports department!

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Maddie Lucas

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Isaiah Villalobos

Isaiah has worked at camp since last August for our off-season program, The Outdoor School. When the opportunity arose to stick around for the summer as our our Ropes Head, he happily obliged!

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