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Benefits Of Working At Camp

Experience of a lifetime

Camp is the best place to spend a summer, hands down. You’ll get to spend the summer outside on Lake LBJ surrounded by a group who will become some of your favorite people.

We tend to spend too much time indoors while plugged into too many devices. Camp is a great place to unplug and be happy, healthy, and part of something bigger than ourselves.

Meet people from all over the world

We have hired staff members from just about every region in the world! Many of our staff stay in touch and even visit each other in other states and countries.

Even if it started in just 3 months at camp, it’s nice to have friends who live in fun places to travel.

Build leadership skills

You will have many opportunities to practice hands-on leadership skills that will transfer to any other school or workplace setting.

You’ll also have a chance to specialize in an activity area like lifeguarding, boat driving, ropes course facilitation, or coaching in the fine arts or sports departments.

Pay and other benefits

One of the nice things about working at camp is that you will take home most of what you earn since we also provide your room and board!

In addition, counselors who work at least 6 weeks will receive an additional $50/week contract completion bonus for each week worked. For example, this increases the 10 week total for a first year counselor to $3,500.

Year Working 3-5 Weeks Working 6+ Weeks 10 Week Total
1st year $300/week $300/week + $50/week bonus $3,500
2nd year $320/week $320/week + $50/week bonus $3,700
3rd year $340/week $340/week + $50/week bonus $3,900
4th year $360/week $360/week + $50/week bonus $4,100
5th year $380/week $380/week + $50/week bonus $4,300

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