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It’s not every day that you get a clear, simple, and actionable piece of good advice, but here’s one for today:

There is no better job after your freshman year of college than being a camp counselor.



Please let us show you why.

You will have fun!

Camp slaps, objectively. You are outside, you meet cool people from different places, you try new activities, and you get to play (as though you are not careening to adulthood). Check out this video to see what camp looks like during the summer.

Most people who work as camp counselors will describe it as their favorite summer ever - even decades later.

You will meet interesting people.

Our summer staff is made up of over 100 students and young adults from universities all across the world, meaning you will have an opportunity to learn and grow from (and more importantly, vibe with) people you will never have the chance to meet at your school. It’s like the best part of college without all of the classes, tests, and studying!

Trade social media for a real life experience.

The college students we know are very adept with their social media usage, but often wish they could just do less of it. Social media can be like eating way too much of your favorite food - you like it in the right amount, but sometimes you just want a break.

Camp is that break. You will be able to connect on your off-time, but your days will be full of real life face-to-face experiences, not screen-to-screen encounters.

You will be a hero to younger kids.

OK, this may sound a little corny, but making an impact on children is deeply rewarding. If you have never had this experience, please ask people who have done it.

Here is part of the secret - you are MUCH cooler than parents or teachers. You are old enough to admire, but young enough to relate to. You have much to teach your future campers and they want to learn from you! You can become the person you wanted to look up to.

Skill development, now and for the future.

And since you are careening into adulthood whether you like it or not, what if we told you that camp can prepare you to thrive when you go back to college AND help you get jobs in the future?

Camp is all about practicing in-person communication and leadership skills. Throw in a pinch of resilience and a dash of problem solving, and you’re suddenly a force to be reckoned with.

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of former counselors share that their sophomore years were better because of their time at camp. Why? They simply have more skills - paired with the confidence to apply those skills in the right situations.

Speaking of which, these are the exact skills that more and more companies are specifically trying to hire for. Pairing this kind of experience with an internship later in college will make you that much more attractive on the job market.

It just may be your last “free” summer.

You get to choose what you want to do after your first year of college. It’s the perfect time to have an awesome summer experience, make a difference, build skills, and get a mental reset between your freshman and sophomore years.

We hope you have a great freshman year and consider joining us next summer!

If you’d like more information, fill out our quick 2024 Staff Interest Form. It can be completed in under a minute. :)